Pregnancy, Cats & Myths


It's been quite a while that I am contemplating to write about pregnancy and cats. So, to start with, there are myths, millions and zillions of it!
A year back when I was expecting and sharing the "wonderful" news of a new member in our family. My well-wishers (not our parents or immediate family) were eager to know when are we giving our queen Miu Miu for adoption. I was angry, hurt, resentful but their ignorance and deep-rooted superstitious beliefs made me to FORGIVE them.
You will NOT have miscarriage if pets specially CATS around. All you have to do is to maintain certain things. I had a difficult pregnancy and can vouch for it.
Cats are not responsible for miscarriages. It's the toxoplasmosis. It comes from the cat litter. So if your cat isn't litter trained, these toxoplasmosis will be everywhere in the house. If your kid is litter trained and completely indoor one, just don't go near the litter box or dispose the litter AT ALL. Let your better half do the dirty stuffs ... If your cat is not, then train them.
Cat hair can cause breathing complications. NO. They don't. All you need to do is to dust your house thoroughly every alternate days. It's THAT simple. Get your cats regularly vaccinated and GROOM. It just take 10 minutes to groom the furry ones alongwith spot on and deworming at regular intervals.
Whenever in doubt, talk to your VET. Not random "padoswali" auntie and Google can't give answers to all your doubts TBH but adoption pages can!
My Rocket came to brighten our lives during the last month of my first trimester. Neha, thank you, thank you for MY Rocket! My Sonny boy who made our lazy queen Miu Miu even to run around the house!
In my painful and difficult pregnancy he was my balm! I've spent many sleepless nights and He was there. Cuddling me, purring, trying to heal me...and Miu Miu used to keep constant watch. When I had fever, these two use to cuddle and keep me warm. Rocket wants attention just like a little, naughty boy! 
After Jia's birth, we had to keep both our elder children out of our room for a month and a half. And man! It killed our hearts. When discussed with her paediatrician, he said "having pets at home makes child's immunity stronger and better" so let them be around her. We were relieved, and the three of them were together.
Giving something up is very easy. The difficult part is to take alongwith us irrespective of adversities. People said, my child will die because of "these cats"... They will bite off her body parts, she will have asthma...yes, people can go to THIS extent to convince you to abandon these "animals" from us. You see, for them only HUMAN BEINGS have the right to are all useless!
But where will they go? What is their fault? All these times it was their home and suddenly, we'll throw them away? Why did we adopt them in the first place, if we can't give them a forever home? Now, some will say it's for the betterment of their "baby"...but what exactly are we trying to teach to our kids in the long run? That in adversities just get rid of another living being? Is this the value we want to inculcate to our children? THINK! 
Where is compassion, love and caring? Pregnant women can also get affected by the dust and diseases while they're on the roads (be it's hospital visits, a trip to their mother's place or whatever) so will you stop going out altogether? There might be road accidents, so will you stop pregnant ladies of your family from driving or going to the office? No, right? Just like that we need to take some precautions while having pets at home. Why it is so easy to leave a pet? Because, they can't talk. But what about their feelings and emotions? Or it's only the HUMANS who have the monopoly on it? 
Stop please STOP about giving up your pets at every drop of hat! New house? Abandon. Leaving city? Abandon. Getting married? Abandon. Going abroad? Abandon. Having a BABY??? DEFINITELY abandon. Or worse, had a break up? Give up the pet he/she "gifted" etc etc  If you can't take the responsibility, it's okay. But just don't bring home a life and discard them like useless tissue paper! Just like having pets at home doesn't make you COOL, leaving them make you horrible (yes, am judgemental in this case). Take ownership, it doesn't take much!
Jia loves her siblings. She gets overjoyed whenever she sees them, after all she's with them from the moment she came home from the hospital. And my elder ones take care of her like no other! Jia cannot cry, else Miu Miu and Rocket will create a ruckus. Both my elder children understand emotions and am proud to say they're pretty intelligent unlike certain HUMANS. And they NEVER fight between themselves. Never. Ever.
My mommyhood didn't start 9 months before. It happened 3 years ago when Miu Miu came to our lives. Before thinking about leaving your pet, have a heart! You see, as the old proverb says, "where's the will, there's a way."
Love and peace,
Proud mother of four 

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