Dumping Bentonite: A Purr-suasive Guide to Sustainable Cat Litter

Most cat litter is made up of 95-99% bentonite, a clumping agent known for its odour-absorbing properties(1). Bentonite is obtained through strip mining(2), a process that has a significant environmental paw-print. It destroys habitats, contaminates water, and contributes to air pollution(3)

There's an innovative alternative that's eco-friendly, odour-resistant, and easy to clean up. We're talking about tofu litter, a product that doesn't play 'cat and mouse' with the environment. 


But why tofu litter, you might ask? Tofu litter is a breakthrough formula made from biodegradable, renewable resources4. It's like the cat's whiskers of the litter world! It minimizes dust and controls odour while ticking all the 'green' boxes. Plus, cleaning it up is as easy as playing a round of 'catch the red dot' with your feline friend.


"But how do I make the switch?" Here's where we have a 'tail' to tell.

Changing your cat's litter is a bit like teaching an old dog new tricks (we know, wrong species, but bear with us). A sudden change can leave your feline furious, which is why we recommend taking it slow. It's a gradual process of mixing in tofu litter with your cat's current bentonite-based product, reducing the proportion of bentonite over time(5).

Start by adding a small amount of tofu litter to the existing bentonite. Gradually increase the ratio of tofu to bentonite over a few weeks until the entire litter box is filled with the sustainable alternative. This method ensures your cat won't stage a 'cattitude'-filled protest during the transition.

Sure, tofu litter might seem like a minor change. But remember, every little bit helps when it comes to protecting our planet. And while we're not suggesting your feline friend can single-paw-edly reverse climate change, we believe every step - or paw print - in the right direction matters. 

In our quest for sustainability, we at Curious Cat Company are proud to take the lead, promoting a product that doesn't cost the earth. We're on a mission to promote 'purr-servation' over exploitation, one litter box at a time. 

A small change in the litter box, a giant leap for feline-kind.

Who's with us?


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