Curious Cat Co Ambassador Club

We are looking for Cat Crazy Humans who believe in our brand & mission:
To spread love, awareness & understanding about Cats
Why This Program:
  1. We would rather share our revenues with cat lovers & our cat community than with Facebook Ads
  2. We hope this program benefits cat rescuers by enabling them to raise some funds to continue their beautiful work
  3. It has been quite difficult to survive this pandemic and we are looking for ambassadors who like what we do and are willing to help us spread the love for cats through our products. 

About This Program:

  • For every customer you refer, you will receive a 5% to 10% commission on the sale, payable monthly after Rs. 1000
  • You will also receive a lifetime discount of 5% on the Curious Cat Company web-store!
  • About Us: Curious Cat Company is a small business run by a tiny team of 2 crazy cat lovers. We partner with local artists & other small businesses to create artsy, unique, sustainable & locally made products for cats & cat lovers. We also share our revenues with artists & animal welfare organisations. 
  • To become a CCC Ambassador, click on the link below & fill out the registration form