About Us

Curious Cat Company evolved from the need to pet unsuspecting cats on streets, shop fronts, markets and people's homes as well as hoarding anything well designed that had cats on it. This obsession evolved from a deep seated love for furry felines and everything they represent: independence, curiosity, subtlety, elegance coupled with whimsy and that glamorous attitude.


We collaborate with Cat Loving Artists to create original designs and limited edition handmade pieces. Our products celebrate cats in all shapes, sizes and palettes. If you are a Cat Crazy Artist, take a look at our Artist Partner Program.

To sum it up: We love cats. 

CSR Curious Cat Company

Curious Cat Company also supports Cat Welfare Organisations. We pledge 5% of our annual profits to Cat Rescue, Rehabilitation & Adoption Initiatives. One such organisation we support is CUPA India - Compassion Unlimited Plus Action.