About Us

Curious Cat Company is a young 6 month old brand managed by a tiny team of 3 cat crazy people. We launched  in the midst of the COVID Pandemic to channelise our passion for art & a deep seated love for furry felines and everything they represent: independence, curiosity, subtlety, elegance coupled with whimsy and that glamorous attitude. 
We are not one of those hyper-funded e-commerce startups that are able to promise super-fast delivery timelines or extraordinarily discounted prices but a humble endeavour to help cat lovers flaunt their love for their beloved pets. We collaborate with Cat Loving Artists to create original designs & limited edition handmade pieces. Our products celebrate cats in all shapes, sizes and palettes. If you are a Cat Crazy Artist, take a look at our Artist Partner Program.
CSR Curious Cat Company

Curious Cat Company also supports Cat Welfare Organisations. We pledge 5% of our annual profits to Cat Rescue, Rehabilitation & Adoption Initiatives. One such organisation we support is CUPA India - Compassion Unlimited Plus Action.