13 Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Pets

If you are on the lookout for a furry companion, here are a few reasons why you should get a Cat 

1. They are independent & don’t need you around 24 x 7.They don’t really get offended if you leave them at home on their own & love their solitary time

cat on the table

2. They are highly entertaining & extremely cute to look at. 

cat on lap

3.  Ideal pets for small city apartments since they love lounging in small cosy corners & fit into the tiniest of spaces

cats in a box

4. They are natures therapists with those purrs & cuddles after a long day
Natural Antidepressants: They love silently & understand when you’re low. Fact: Cats are common in several workplaces in Japan because they are known to reduce stress levels . Their purring is extremely relaxing & is even said to heal injuries & bones!

cat with a lady

5. They won’t bother visitors especially the ones who are a little less pet friendly - mostly because they themselves are wary of strangers

6. They can be trained to use the toilet

cat with toilet rolls


7. No walks needed for these felines - They burn their energy in hilarious ways by zooming around the house in a hurricane like fashion & thus, don’t need to be taken for walks. 

cat at night

8. They are peaceful and the best to have especially if your apartment complex is not overall pet friendly

cat lounging

9. They get you special gifts every now & then, although you might get a little freaked out looking at a dead lizard at your feet. 

cat catching a lizard

10. They are born toilet trained: They prefer pooping in sand & thus, by natural instinct will conduct their business in any box or tray filled with sand (aka the litter box)

Cat in a litter tray


11. They can be incredible social media content with their hilarious positions, curious nature & cute faces.

cat with glasses


12. They make great nap buddies

cat napping


13. They keep themselves clean & smell like a freshly laundered blanket

cat in the laundry

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