Snoopi (Snoopy) With an "I"

I giggled while I watched the two cats wrestle each other for the blanket. Two years later & my warrior girl was better than ever. Recalling the day she came home to me brought back a surge of memories. It was the 28th of December 2018, not just another day as I had four weddings to attend that evening. Whilst walking, I saw a little black and white kitten asleep on the footpath. On nearing her, the sight I beheld upset me. Gone were the happy thoughts of attending someone’s wedding. The physical condition she was in had me questioning her chances at survival. The skin clung to her bones, the lack of energy left her no room to walk, the left eye had lost its vision.

My companion urged me to let her be & that there was nothing I could do. He went on to remind me that I did have two cats at home, rescuing a third one was foolhardy.  It was at that moment when Hannah Shaws advice came to mind where she speaks about being stubborn but determined when it comes to saving a life. Keeping those words in mind, picking her up I snuggled her close to me. It was close to sundown and the evening was cool. A soft purr resonated from her as the warmth from my hoodie was welcomed.

“Yuck! She has tons of fleas in her Tats! Leave her on the road!” my friend said while shooting me a disgusted look. On hearing that I was furious. Its one thing to not want to help another living being, it’s quite another to discourage someone else from doing so. Ignoring the pitiful plea to abandon the poor creature, I dialled the number of my biggest support system, my mum. After hearing me out, she suggested checking on NGOs that could help me before I took a decision with regards to the kitten.

 “Hey” a hand waved in my face as I scowled at the man in front of me “So I got to go, you got this right?”

“Yup, carry on.” I said while shaking my head “Some help you are” I muttered under my breath as he walked off.

A dozen calls & a swollen lip later due to the nervous chewing, I hit a brick wall. Foster homes were full, one organization asked for an obnoxious amount of money while stating that they only cared for grown cats. The stubborn streak in me refused to abandon Snoopi (Snoopi with an I, pun intended) as I called her. Just when it felt like all hope was lost, my amazing mum came through for me. My phone rang, on answering the call, I knew I was blessed more than I could fathom. Mum asked me to take the little one to our vet & then to her new family “US”.

Snoopi weighed a measly 200 grams, had a sever case of gingivitis & needed special attention. The left eye had lost its vision completely due to the weakness. With the right diet & care, she would pull through. I hugged the little creature in joy while crying knowing that she had a chance to live. A number of challenges crossed my mind as we headed home. There were four adult furbabies ranging from the age of 3 to 18, would they adjust? What if she dashes off in fear? Will she recover with so many others around her?  Every needless fear was put to rest as she was welcomed with open paws.


Harley my german sheperd being the gentle giant gave her a loving lick, the two cats were wary at first but soon turned her way, my oldest dog sniffed her and walked off aloof as he is. At the end of the first week, she was playing a fine game of chase with Casper my Persian cat & handing out grooming services to Bambi my ginger. She was brave enough to snuggle up to Harley, trusting and knowing he meant no harm.

Time went by and her health picked up immensely. It was beautiful to watch her overcome the obstacle the blind side caused her like knocking into things, tripping over or not being able to foresee a foe come in from her left. She It was both a time of patience and scary moments for me. I remember this one time she lost her footing whilst in a tree twenty feet off the ground. My heart was in my mouth while watching her pull herself up and prance off merrily as though nothing was amiss. With every passing day, she proved to be more than just a cat with one eye.  However, it was always one of the four others who had her back when needed. Harley would and yet looks out for her whenever she’s outdoors. He’s quick to bark at an intruder stalking her. Those two are as thick as thieves and will cuddle together for a nap whenever possible.

Today, the only fear I have is waking up to a dead lizard in my kitchen. She’s an expert hunter, the best feline prankster of the lot (which often results in her being chased by an annoyed bird) or getting into a slapping match with Casper & a loving soul.

She was most welcoming to my newest baby girl Zoey, a german sheperd I adopted in July. I doubt this girl has anything to fear with not one, but two GSDs looking out for her.

Having created a routine for herself, she’s sure to tell you when the food bowl needs a refill or that her mug of water needs to be placed in her spot. Snoopi stands out amongst her sister & four brothers with a personality and style of her own.

Having said all this, I am glad to have been stubborn but determined. It resulted in a beautiful, one eyed girl I love to bits. She’s taught me the meaning of being strong, the beauty in overcoming what we call a disability & being the best you ever will.

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