How To Take Care Of Your Cat - Basics For Beginners

The love you experience from a cat is surreal. Having said that, it's also important to keep a few pointers in mind with regards to caring for them. Here are a few pointers to help you on your journey 

1. Give cats space to explore & adjust to their surroundings.


2. Set up a cozy corner with the food & water bowls in sight. Do not force them to cuddle in their initial days. They will come to you when they feel comfortable



3. Avoid loud noises & a chaotic environment. They prefer calm & quiet places.


4. The first few hours in a new home can be unnerving but a yummy treat makes it all better. Be sure to stock up on those. Do not give your kitty milk, she may like it but her tummy doesn't. 

5. Cats love to run & chase, investing in a variety of toys sure goes a long way 



6. How can we forget toilet training? Get yourself a good litter tray, preferably an eco friendly one that's sustainable   


7. Wait, we said litter tray, Don't forget the litter too!


8. Be sure to take your feline to a vet for a checkup & a diet guide.  

9.Cat proofing your windows is important especially if you live in an apartment on a higher floor. Get netting for all your windows.


10. Cats love to groom themselves, check out some natural grooming products to help keep your felines fur in purrfect condition. 


11. Most of all, be sure to get in all the love and cuddles possible, those purrs are therapeutic and go a long way. 


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