8 Things Every Cat Parent Needs

As cat parents, we want the world for our felines. However, us cat moms & dads do have a list of essentials that are needed on the daily. Here are some of them 

1. It all begins with the right attitude while dealing with a feline whose IQ & energy surpasses a hoomans. eg- 3am zoomies

Midnight zoomies

2. If you're a cat owner who lives an an apartment, be sure to cat proof those windows. PS - It keeps the birds away

Cat at a window

3. Be sure to invest in a sustainable litter tray  While a plastic trays need a chnage after a year, a eco friendly one will go a long way. Oh, Don't forget the litter

Litter tray

4. The way to your cats heart is through its stomach. Grab some healthy cat food to keep those bowel movements going & the purrs endless. 

Cat Food


5. Being active & lazy is a cat thing. Grab some interactive yet eco friendly cat toys to keep that active streak high. 

Cat Toys


6. While a cat bed is a good investment, if your cat prefers the sock drawer & those contents need relocating. DIY a cat bed is more efficient, or scoot over & share your own. 

Cats sleeping



7. Cat grooming is a must, be sure to invest in a good brush, cat friendly shampoos or other cat care products as recommended by your vet. You can also check out some natural grooming products. 

Cat Grooming Products


8. Your crazy cat parent love shows through, but evidence is needed as you strut your style in a cat themed tee sipping coffee from a cat themed mug

Cat themed Mug

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