Whiskas Adult - Wet Meal Chicken in Jelly

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Whiskas® Chicken in Jelly is a balanced wet cat food recipe that provides moisture and nourishment for a healthy and active cat that requires specific care and nutrition. Whiskas cat food—Chicken in Jelly comprises of flavorful chicken chunks in an appetising jelly format packed with high-quality protein and essential nutrients. The jelly is easy to digest for cats and also promotes urinary tract health because of its high moisture content. This cat food is also packed with a combination of Zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids that will improve your cat’s coat, promoting its health and shine. Whiskas jelly texture and aroma appeals to the feline palate and attracts even fussy eaters!

As much as you adore your cat’s beautiful skin and coat, it is also one of the best indicators of their nutrition & well-being. WHISKAS wet cat food contains a unique patent-protected combination of zinc & omega 6 fatty acids to improve your cat´s skin and coat.

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Feeding Guidelines By Whiskas

  • Whiskas® is a complete and balanced meal by itself
  • Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal
  • Please serve on a daily basis, as per the cat’s body weight
  • Serve Dry and Wet food in different bowls
  • Recommended to feed twice a day
  • In case your pet does not enjoy Whiskas® cat food, continue with the mixture of Whiskas® cat food and current food for a few more days

Analytical Constituents (%):

Crude Protein (%):v8
Moisture (%): 84
Crude fat (%): 4.7
Crude Fibers (%): 0.3
Crude Ash (%): 1.4

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