Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute
Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute
Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute
Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute
Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute
Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute

Sustainable Cat Beds - Locally Sourced Jute

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CCC x Jute Weavers of India

✨ Your purchase supports the jute industry and the families of 2.5 lakh jute mill workers & 40 lakh jute farmers! ✨


  • Hypoallergenic - made from 100% Natural Materials
  • High Quality Hand-woven Jute + Cotton Rope & Cotton Cushion
  • 16 inch Diameter & 6 inch Height
  • Handles on the side for Portability
  • Lightweight, Foldable, Washable & Portable

Care: These cat beds can be machine washed, hand washed or dry cleaned.

Shipping: This kitty bed can be dispatched within 48 hours of placing an order

Note: You can also use these as baskets for organising your books, clothes, for collecting laundry or any other purpose in your home.

CCC believes in creating well designed products that look good in your home, locally & sustainably in India by supporting our artists & artisans. We have partnered with traditional jute weavers to create a range of aesthetic beds for our beloved cats.

Why is Jute sustainable?

  • Jute fibre is 100% biodegradable & recyclable
  • Jute is one of the strongest natural fibres. It has heat & fire resistance properties. 
  • Jute, being a natural fibre, does not irritate the skin. 
  • It has natural UV protection & does not degenerate with sun exposure.
  • Jute, compared to cotton, requires half the amount of land & time, 80% less water & chemicals. It grows within 4-6 months which makes it an efficient source of renewable material.
  • A hectare of jute plants consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. 
  • Cultivating jute enriches the fertility of the soil for the next crop.
  • Jute does not generate toxic gases when burnt.

History of Jute Industry

Did you know that the jute industry in India is 150 years old? The first jute mill started production in Bengal in 1856. There are about 70 jute mills in the country providing livelihood to around 2.5 lakh mill workers & more than 40 lakh farmers.

After more than 150 years, the jute industry is under threat from alternative synthetic materials, international recession & lack of awareness among consumers like you & I, about its incredible versatility and sustainability.



This is a perfect as cat bed, kitten bed or even a puppy bed. In fact, two fully grown adult cats can cuddle inside together. This circular cat bed is a woven cat basket of sorts and much softer than wicker cat baskets but equally ecofriendly. If you are looking for a chunky yarn cat bed, this is a better option since the jute and cotton ropes naturally attract cats to come and stay inside. The small of jute & cotton triggers their instincts & they can also use this calming pet bed as a scratch pad or a cat scratchpost! This cat basket bed can be used for many other storage purposes & looks like a luxury cat bed in your living room. 

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