PawPal+ - Litter Topper Granules for Disease Detection

PawPal+ - Litter Topper Granules for Disease Detection

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PawPal+ Litter Topper Granules help in detection of hematuria or presence of blood in urine in cats. Cats, even when in pain or ill at ease, do not show signs or symptoms of distress in the early stages. Presence of blood in urine can lead to serious health complications, stress and heavy expenditure on medication. 

How It Works:

  • The PawPal+ litter topper granules should be spread over a whole litter box.
  • In case, there is presence of blood in your cat's urine, the granules will turn blue in 3 seconds and stay so for upto 7 days. The granules react with haemoglobin to change colour.
  • If the granules remain unchanged in colour, there are no blood particles detected.
  • Do consult your vet immediately if you spot blue granules. 
  • Replace the granules each time you change your litter.

Why is Hematuria Detection Important?

Hematuria may be caused by abnormalities in the urinary tract, gastro-intestinal, liver, kidney or bladder diseases and infections. Hematuria may be an indication of a serious blood clotting or platelet disorder too. 

When detected early on, it can help diagnose diseases and prevent complications, save money spent on vet bills and medication and reduce the distress your cat may be experiencing.  

Quantity: 12g (one use per litter box)

Shipping: Dispatched within 2-3 days of placing an order


This product has been tested and is chemically safe for cats and humans.

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