Support The Queer Community Directly

Instead of buying from the rainbowy corporations this month, @skyeishighasf created a guide which links 25+ queer-led fundraisers (Link to the original guide). Along with this, we've had small queer artists and business owners takover our platform as well and they could benefit from the as well. Please donate to the fundraisers and buy from the artists and business owners as monetary resources that directly help and support millions of queer people is the most beautiful thing you could do, this pride month.

1. Help rural trans folks in Tamil Nadu and support the first transgender-run milk cooperative society! - here

2. Help feed Covid-19 affected communities in Bangalore! -here

3. Help in the livelihood assistance for transgender community in Manipur by All Trans Man Association. -here

4. Help save the transgender people and sex workers in Jharkhand! -here

5. Help Jasraj, a 18-year person fighting gender dysphoria, get their Gender Affirmative Surgeries done! -here

6. Help Tina, an 19-year queer person(she/they) get out of their toxic household. -here

7. Help Rishi, a 22-years-old, non-binary transgender person, get life-saving gender affirming care. -here

8. Help Tanvi get Gender-Affirming Surgeries. -here


If you can't donate money to a campaign right now, please go follow the following queer artists and queer-owned small businesses and help them grow their business. They took over our instagram in the month of June and have been awesome in their own spaces as well.

1. Shriya (any pronouns), artist in a variety of mediums.

2. Vaidehi (she/her), owner of the theindieinkpot - machine-free handpoke tattoos in mumbai/thane.

3. The Yellow Bookshop, for unique bookboxes and stickers you can't not love.

4. Sassage Stickers, for stickers around the themes of mental health and lgbtqia++ awareness.

5. Tanuka (she/they), a therapist and artist, merging their art and their work.

6. Sailee (she/they), a digital artist, pet-sitter and sustainable-fashion enthusiast.

We are ever-expanding this list to add and edit fundraisers so if you ever happen to find a link which is broken OR know of some fundraisers that you think we should list here, please get in touch with us at