Custom Requests

Would you like to get a customised portrait of your cat? Saw a cool design elsewhere & felt like you MUST have it? Have a favourite quote you want illustrated? Want to give a special someone a cat themed gift? Our panel of artists can create custom illustrations based on your inputs, which you can cherish for life!
For every such custom illustration created by our artists, the following design fees are applicable:
  • Per Custom Illustration: 6000*
Why Do We Charge Design Fees? 
Customising a design is like commissioning a piece of art. The artist spends time creating this specially for you. Just like you would pay a lawyer for her time or a professional for their services, design fees are how Artists' render their service and earn a livelihood. 
Economies of Scale - Bulk Purchases
Alternatively, the cost of customisation can be reduced by the principle of economies of scale. Buying the design you want customised in bulk reduces overheads for us and allows us to waive off design fees. 
MOQ: 10 Pieces per design