Artist Partner Program

We believe that cats and creative humans have always had a special connection! From Dali, Matisse, Van Gogh, Cahlo, Warhol with his 25 Cats to T.S. Elliott, Mark Twain, Dickens, Hemingway; Some of history's most famous creators have shared their lives with a feline companion. Just like cats, we too love to collaborate with cat-loving artists and creators who use these enigmatic creatures as their muse. 

The Artist Partner Program enables us to support artists in the form of Royalty Commissions for their Cat Art. If you would like to collaborate, fill out this form - Artist Partner Program

Click on the name of the Artist enlisted under "Artists" from the top menu to browse through their designs. Every purrchase you make, supports the artist who created the design and celebrates our mewtual love for cats and art!

*We expect artists to send us original, non-plagiarised artworks. The liability for copyright infringement practices rests with the respective artists at all times & we take this issue very seriously. If you come across a design on our website that you have also seen elsewhere, please write to us on and we will take the appropriate measures.