Evil Fifty (My Second Master)
Evil Fifty (My Second Master)

Evil Fifty (My Second Master)

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This canvas print is part of “The Fifty Collection” - a series of fun merchandise based on a notorious cat named “Fifty” who converted a dog loving Shambhavi to a total crazy cat lady. Read Shambhavi’s story about her cat-ventures with her cat Fifty in the book - My Second Master.

Anything so cute has to be evil. Don’t get swayed by the doe-eyed cat. The big eyes might melt your heart & even manipulate you into uttering a series of awws. But in reality, the deceptive eyes are plotting big & evil things. Be scared. Be very scared - This could be an excerpt for the witch cat. Fifty was always up to some mischief & always got her way with those big eyes.

This illustration, along with all the other illustrations of The Fifty Collection have been created by Shreya Srivastava

Digitally printed on 8x8 inches rolled canvas on wooden frame

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